Endurance GB Southwest is long distance competition riding. Members of NRC can become Endurance GB supporter/riding club team members for free, each individual is required to register on the Endurance page and will then receive a unique register number. Rides are the booked by each individual with the unique number. PR (practice/pleasure rides) are usually 16km and £28, the graded rides are roughly the same price and NRC subsidises with the graded competition rides only. Crew members are required for competition rides usually partners friends help with crewing and Bev Etheridge is also very good. The club is now looking for members to join the team for 2018 with the aim to go to the Red Dragon Championship September at Builth in Wales a long weekend away riding across beautiful rolling hills. Team members must be NRC members. The next PR ride is 3rd March at Colquite and will be 16km with an aim to commence the competition season with the March ride at Wadebridge. Teams are 3 or more we ride out together and come home together good team spirit lovely riding experiences through beautiful countryside and is good for building confidence and stamina both in rider and horse. The EGB group are on Facebook they are a fantastic group very supportive and very helpful. There is a training day on 18th February which is advertised on the Endurance Southwest GB facebook page. all info can be found on Face book and also kim hicks can discuss further.
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